We focus on your human capital needs and provide the best suitable teams with right skills. We also provide resources specific to skills on contract or full time basis. Please let us know if you have any requirement for HRMS or HRIS systems. We can provide the best solution through partners or we can develope custom solution for you!

. HCM – Human Capital Management:

This include HRM, but also includes workforce rewards and talent and workforce management, retention and benefits, behavioural analysis and employee tracking.

. HRM – Human Resource Management:

The conventional employee management functions which is limited to hiring, job and position management, HR compliance, and reporting.

. TSM – Talent strategy management:

Strategic talent management throughout the talent lifecycle. It includes identification of required skills, candidature and Induction, FRA and performance management, learning and development for improvement, performance review, and succession management.

. EBM – Employees Benefits Management:

Refers to all HR functions that manage any monetary or nonmonetary rewards including compensation, benefits, or payroll.

. TnEM – Time and effort Management:

Involves time and effort management of every individual of the organisation. Using relevant Ai tools to understand the associate’s time management and the impacts to improve productivity.


The applications and technologies or system support and automate HR processes throughout the resource lifecycle and tracking. While the terms HCM and HRM looks similar, HCM is the approach to managing associated resources or partners. HRMS systems are to perform HCM or HRM.


Keeping and maintaining the records and referrals of the employee records. It has been largely replaced by the term HRMS. Usually, HRMS and HRIS are virtually interchangeable terms having few extras in HRIS.

Human Asset

You need, Skilled or Functional , Business or technocrat, Language support or IT, Infrastructure or software, We provide all type of Human asset you need. Ask for E2E solution if you need!

Operations Staff

Getting right operational staff is always a challenge. Its always a combination of Qualification, experience and trust. We use Ai and the analytical data to identify the right combination for you!

Skilled Workforce

You are trying to find right skill and you are flooded with CVs if in public domain. we try to automate the process using analytics and few Ai tools to provide right skills at right price and terms of contracting.