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@Large works with leading technology companies to build strategic plans that address the present and future industry, human, nature and traditional challenges, such as how technical and business model innovations shape the growth; the ways in which cloud/ quantum computing will impact the business, people and nature; and whether a company should consider entry into the services profit pools of the industry—and if so, how.

@Large Technology practice also provides comprehensive how-to expertise via our Media and Telecommunications practices. We also undertake innovation & research designing products and solutions jointly with educational institutions, research houses, incubators, and start-ups. In addition, our group has an extensive history of involvement in innovating technology in the industry.

  • We have a strong and senior advisory board of directors with Long experience to bring lots of learning and analytics.
  • This team is backed up by team of high skills and experience to deliver the best solution and services.
  • We also provide personalized services in specific scenarios.
  • It’s a strong and confident network of team to provide excellence in services with maximum precision and maximized output.
  • We have a dynamic engagement model that inherits based on optimization and faster output assuring aligned QoS and delivery.


Undoubtedly technology consulting is very vast! We have a large team of technocrats in advisory. Thanks to Science and engineering we are in techno-age!. Transformation of organization accepting the new technology is mandatory and almost every industry is doing the same. We have domain specific technocrats who understand the miles view to the micro level. Be it software or hardware, we have experts to put best and futuristic changes to your needs. Industry 4.0 is IOT implementations automate the systems up to 70% reducing downtime and providing predictability of expansion aligning to marketing demands and customization based on customer needs. We take consulting specific to technology and we also take executions like; migration, upgrades, technology transfer, ERP, application development, Ai or analytical tools, Integration or E2E technology transformation.

@Large anticipates that 5G will transform the world of business communications, and as such has built their application with team messaging and conferencing capabilities designed to be 5G compatible. We undertake 5G SI, Testing, OSS/ BSS integration and platform implementation, managed Services with DevOps and Operational management services. With process of integrating both virtual and physical components of any enterprise with new upgraded systems or applications to work over the new 5G network. Rising demand for high-speed bandwidth capacity has enabled enterprises to install upgraded network infrastructure to enhance overall operational efficiency as well as reduce the total process costs. Thus, robust deployment of upgraded network infrastructure across enterprises to deliver enhanced services to their customers is estimated to propel the demand for 5G system integration services.

Every legacy enterprise have to aggressively focus on integration the next gen network for various business and compatibility concerns. We provide cross domain experts to make the cost effective integration addressing all the possible challenges.

Telecommunication and IOT: Our core strength is of having strong advisory directors having complete experience of Telecom life globally from 2G to 5G/ 5G Advance or 6G and beyond. Few highlights of experience are:

  • SDN/ NFV, Network Slicing, IOT-5G, Virtualization
  • O-RAN, Self-organized RAN, LTE-RAN, SkyRAN, SON etc
  • IoT platform, App Management, Development, Integration
  • AEP, CMP, Service orchestration, Billing, BSS integration.
  • Cloud + 5G + Ai + IoT Solutions and transformation
  • Hybrid or heterogeneous cloud for inheritable service.
  • Technology experts of Huawei, Ericsson, Juniper etc
  • Research and Development projects on 5G/ 6G etc.
  • And Much More! Please ask….

Product Development: We also undertake product development projects from the concept to business solution having innovation at every stage.